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Hi, I’m Grace (or you can call me Red)!
 I’m 23 yo with a toned body, size 8, dyed red hair with tattoos and piercings. I have an amazing ass which will leave you craving more. It's perfect for squeezing. I have curves that you can hold and feel comfortable in doing so. I have the perfect sized natural, perky boobs that will fit in your hand amazingly (because anything more is a waste). Did I mention that they are pierced as well?
I am a Melbourne based escort touring different cities whenever I get the chance to.
I am a naturally very energetic person full of banter, giggles and smiles. I am a very caring person and will make sure you are comfortable and cater to your needs if you are anxious or have any worries. I take pride in my appearance and work out daily.
I am non-judgmental and always down to listen and laugh at your jokes, whether they are good or bad. I have always seen the good in the world and in people and I encourage you to be your natural self when we are together.

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